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The company TESS CZ was established by its current owner in 1991 as a specialist in the production of stainless-steel hydraulic and pneumatic elements for customers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. Since the start of production using CNC machine tools extensive changes have been made in the Třebešov plant. As production gradually expanded the premises became inadequate for our firm. This is why we purchased and adapted a workshop on the grounds of a former agricultural machine centre at Rychnov nad Kněžnou, where we moved production and expanded the machinery to the current level.

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Taking into account the high demands placed on modern-day engineering production, we started to build a new production facility at Solnice. Our production programme comprises the production of hydraulic elements from corrosion-resistant and free machining steels and the production of precisely machined parts tailored exactly to our customers’ needs. Our customers are certified firms, such as RIETER, RUBENA, ELITEX, SAURER, SCHLAVHORST, ELASTA FLEX, HANSAFLEX, SKODOCK, and HL- FITTING.  

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In 2011 we successfully performed an initial audit and received an ISO 9001:2009 quality control certificate.

In 2012 we successfully performed an internal audit and received an ISO 14001:2005 system certificate.

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