Our machinery

The machinery of TESS CZ comprises CNC machine tools from MORI-SEIKI, MIYANO, NAKAMURA, and HAAS, and conventional machines for piece production. We also operate a degreasing machine.

Our cutting shop is equipped with a fully automated band saw PEHAKA. You can view our machinery below:

Image 0 - BNJ-42
CNC soustruh dva revolvery, poháněné nástroje, protivřeteno
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Image 2 - P1090289
Image 3 - P1090290
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degreasing machine

Central unit for treatment and filtration of the coolant – an investment targeted at a higher quality and efficiency of the machining process.

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In 2012 TESS CZ achieved the implementation of a project for the construction of a central unit for treatment and filtration of the cutting liquid to assure a constant supply of quality coolant for operating machine tools.

Stable concentration, temperature and purity of the liquid, these factors guarantee improved production and lead to significant cost reductions in the machining process, as well as higher quality of the products.

Another step on the way to raising the standard of quality and quality control was an investment in equipment for our measuring centre.

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In addition to refurbishment of the control facility we purchased and put into operation a 3D measuring machine, VENTEX 312 HM. This guarantees that control operations are conducted at a high level in keeping with the present-day requirements stemming from modern quality control methods, including printing of measuring protocols.

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In response to our customers’ demands for marking products with descriptions and codes we purchased and put into operation a TMP 1700 marking system stamping the required information on products with a micro-pin. The size format and content of the marking is decided by the customer.

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vibratory finishing machine